Embellished Silver Bangle

DSC_6480-1DSC_6473-1 DSC_6475-1

A set of bangles which I got for S$2.00! Taking a closer look, the details are glaring, but nevertheless, it’s a bargain.

Anyway, out of boredom, I took out one of my silver bangle (comes from another set of bangles), and decided to add some embellishments on it!

The materials for my DIY session:

  • Glue
  • Silver Bangle
  • Rhinestones Blue & White (not very shiny though)

DSC_6492-1 DSC_6493-1 DSC_6495-1 DSC_6496-1


I shan’t go about explaining how I did it, cause it is quite self-explanatory for this.

So here’s some pictures for the end product!

DSC_6499-1 DSC_6504-1 DSC_6505-1 DSC_6507-1


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