Life Without a Computer

Daily Prompt: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

While waiting for my pictures to load, I browsed through the Daily Prompt site and saw this interesting prompt. Your life without a computer, what does it look like?

Honestly, who would dare to think about their lives not having a computer! If we hadn’t seen one, hadn’t touch one, we may live without it. But since we’re living in a society with a computer, we are dependent on it. Just imagine in school, I need to come up with a report. Research work – I need a computer to Google the necessary information. I mean I can probably do this with a phone (provided that a smart phone existed even when there’s no computer), but a computer works 100 times better with a proper screen, a proper size keyboard. Everything just looks in place on a computer! Writing the report – I need a computer to type the report. Imagine that project requires you to churn a 50-page report, would anyone go about writing it on hand? Would anyone use a typewriter to type it out? How long would it take? I dare not think. Then again, everything is possible even when you think it’s impossible.

As a typical girl living in the city, computer has become a need (a surface need, I guess). I need it to do online shopping, to blog about my life, to watch dramas. I just use it to do so many things, that I wouldn’t realize that sometimes I don’t appreciate it enough. I guess my life would be dreadful without a computer. I will become so handicapped that I couldn’t do so many things.

But think again, 15 years ago, when I was still a young child, the house did not have a computer. I don’t even know how it works. All that I care about is playing with barbie dolls, cycling, drawing, eating, sleeping. Life was simpler. So much simpler than now that I think it’s so blissful to be a kid back then. If we’ve never had or have never owned such a luxury, we won’t feel so lost without it. It’s because we’ve never had, and so we’ll never feel that we can’t live without. All in all, despite all the wonderful things that computer has given to us, I feel that it is a luxury item that I have in my life, but life would still be wonderful even without the luxurious items. It’s just that the environment that we’re in, forced us to become reliant on a computer and to be dependent on it in my daily lives.

We’ll be back to writing diaries then! 


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