Who Would Have Known

Daily Prompt: When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

3 years from now, I’ll be graduating, stepping into a business world.

To the 10-year-old me: Did you know that I will be in a business world? Did you know that I will be sitting in an office environment?

Obviously, I didn’t know back then.

At the age of 10, I was a young girl, who knew nothing else besides school, home and the TV. I remember it was the age that I just got started learning about Science. I was fascinated about what Science is all about. It was the time when everyone brings a meal-worm home and trying to keep it alive. I joined the Science Club in school. It was filled with interesting activities. Probably because Science was so interesting to me that I thought I could be a Scientist when I grow up! Well, I must admit, Primary School Science was fun. But who would have known, moving on in life would changed my feeling towards Science! Learning Science became tough. It was all about the facts and details which took away my dying interest. The passion, the dream to become a Scientist, slowly diminishes as time goes by.

Well, at that same age, not only do I dream to become a Scientist, I wanted to be a Nurse! I was never the caring kind, so why did I even think about becoming a Nurse? To me, Doctors and Nurses deserve a great deal of respect, as they’re the life saviors. But, don’t ask me why I wanted to be a nurse back then. I, myself, couldn’t recall a thing that triggered this passion. I could only say that I remember writing an essay about “My Ambition” and there I said I wanted to become a nurse…

Honestly, I had no idea what business is all about back at 10, or even during my teens. Only when I’ve moved on to tertiary institutions have I started to learn what business comprises of. I wouldn’t say it’s easier than learning science, I wouldn’t say it is difficult. But when you have found something right, you know that’s the thing you should pick up. I admire people who are bringing their childhood dreams to realization right now. 🙂


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