My Brain Says

Daily Prompt: What bores you?

Whatever bores me depends on my mood. If the mood for the day is good, everything would appear interesting to me. I would want to know how’s your day, what’s on the news, or even picking up a random book and start reading it away. But if the mood isn’t right, then nothing is interesting. 

An example of a moody day: 

It bores me,

As a blogger, to see there’s little or no page views or no comments.

As a reader, to read any lengthy posts or posts without pictures/videos. 

As a student, to listen to long and informative lectures. 

As a friend, to lend a listening ear. 

I might not feel boring about the listed activities when i’m in a good mood, but when I wake up one morning and the mood is so spoiled, I wish the above activities don’t happen. 

As of normal circumstances, with a general mood, I’m someone who’s constantly finding something to do. So I would say, “Nothing to do” bores me! I need to keep myself busy. I could recall a time when I wasn’t working nor studying, I was completely at a lost. I couldn’t find things to do, I don’t know what to do. But when I’m out, my brain would keep telling myself, “I have nothing to do, I have nothing to do, How.. HOW… HOW!!!” This is the kind of message my brain gives me and it was so torturing. It’s as if your mind don’t have a sense of belonging at the moment and it’s at a lost of what to do and what to think of. I am someone who’s in need of always being occupied by tasks. 

Honestly, this blog was also started during the time when I was not working and not studying. I guessed this is some platform for me to spend my time on, so as to keep my brain from telling me “You have nothing to do…”. Now that I have this blog with me, not only I have something to do (blogging), I have something to read about and lastly, something for me to be glad about, and that is to know that there are people who appreciate what I have written. 


3 thoughts on “My Brain Says

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