Ms Optimistic

Daily Prompt: You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

It has been a long weekend, I had 6 days of holidays, and now my school has started! I’m so tired on the first day. It’s like you haven’t been studying for months, and you got mind blown by all the information drilling into your brain. Oh gosh, how can the after effect of not using your brain turns out to be so hard to cope with. But well, however tired I am, I’m gonna finish this post and head for the bed. 😉

If I’m on a long flight, I must be going to… France! Well this palm reader was sitting beside me, and insisted on reading my palm, and I eventually agreed. She says…

Girl, you may be feeling tired right now because you are entering a new phase in life. You may encounter more activities, more socializing, more events going on, greater circle of friends to cope, and academic stress has gone up to a whole new level. You might be feeling tired from doing these, but you will see a better future from now on. Moving on in life, you will find a great partner. He will be your guidance, and lead you to a brighter path. You don’t have to search for him as he will come searching for you. Your career path will be awesome and leading you to become a successful person in life. Well, what can I say? Your life is wonderful! You have the family love, the life-long partner, found a career that suits you, and you have nice friends. All is good for you, blissful girl you are.

It’s pretty obvious I’m pretty optimistic right here despite being tired and all. I guess my optimism will always encourage me to carry on, cross the hurdles in life. Stay Optimistic, cause life’s gonna turn for the better right next moment! 😉


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