Who am I

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who am I.

Firstly my Blog Name: I previously had the idea of naming it something related to winter solstice, because I’m born in that season. Later I thought again, I wanted something else. Since I am from a sunny country, where there’s no four season, mainly sun and rain, I incorporated the word Summer in the name. Then I matched it with Reminisce, which means to recollect on past events. Pairing the two words up, I get something like recollecting the past events of Summer. I would say the Blog Name tells that I am a person who can’t make up my mind sometimes. But when I really have the will to make up my mind, I will definitely have a reason for the decision I make.

Second on the list, my Theme Choice: I chose the The Adelle Theme. Looking pleasant in white, and mix of pink and grey. This part is obvious. I like things to appear simple and clear-cut. Using too many colors would make anything look complicated. I don’t like complicated things, though my mind is a complication of its own. (Oops!)

Thirdly, the About me section: I’ve read lots of advice on blogs that says the About tab is important. It tells your visitors who you are, what do you write about and some other details about you. When your visitors know more about you, then they are likely to visit your blog again. I wanted more people to want to read my blog, I wanted to share my perspectives to more people, and see what they think about mine. Furthermore, I wanted a place to blog about all my shopping experiences! I need a place to tell different tales from that of personal tales. My About me page shows how sincere I am in writing this blog and keeping it alive. Thus I am sincere and serious about things that I am keen on doing. (Reading a textbook is probably a thing that I will always kick off with a serious attitude but slowly, eventually, the seriousness dies off… )

Lastly, my Posts : It’s mainly Daily Prompts as of now and some posts on shopping experiences. Daily Prompts triggered my imagination, opinions and the past. Probably my posts showed how much I like sharing my perception of things. I guess I have this noisy self inbuilt in me.

Summary/Conclusion, actually, I am who I am. Share/Simple/Serious/Strong-minded. Aha!


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