As defined, Infatuation is being carried away by an unreasoned love or passion; usually admiration for someone. (Wikipedia says)

Do you still remember the person that you were secretly in love with, but never got the courage to show how much you like him/her? But look here, your mind has just been overwhelmed with images of this new person. Someone whom you don’t really know, but those eyes just manage to cross all the hurdles and caught your attention. Just so quickly, so silently, and each time you look into those eyes with a tinge of electric shock? Okay exaggerated, but honestly, this new person seemed to grab hold of your mind.

Thinking back, weren’t you so deeply in love with the previous? Going deeper, are you simply letting your mind let loose?! Wondering if there’s such thing called love at first sight. Isn’t that all about the looks? I’ve always thought that way and I’m still bearing the same thoughts right now. Time will find you someone real. Time will show whether you let your mind loose or does that person feel the same for you as well.

Mr. Nice, Mr. Smart, Mr. Know It All,

Mr. Right/Wrong.

Time, please prove it.


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