How I Felt & The Reasons For This

I have never wrote a proper blog. Especially so when I was a teen, I blog about my day to day feelings, which did not do much motivation towards blogging. I ended up expressing my boredom all over the page or sometimes I spill my emotional thoughts. Well I guess, sometimes it was… merely for the sake of typing some words than to sit there in front of the laptop and not doing anything at all. I didn’t really grasp the fun about blogging then. Apparently moving away from the teenage days, I had the intention that I should jot down all the fun going on in my life, or else, there would be pictures but missing out on the story! And a few years down the road, I may not be able to recall what actually happened.

I have realized, how much I have missed out in my life. And I am promising myself that I will keep my personal blog updated!

The reason for starting summereminisce apart from my personal blog was partly because of my other hobbies e.g. online shopping, photography and such, hence I would like to have a platform to express my thoughts and opinions. I don’t think I’m able to write good reviews or take good photographs, but I believe the passion should still carry on whenever possible, and don’t let it die down so quickly and silently. I would keep the personal blog “personal” as of now. I hereby appreciate every reader who took time to read through my posts, be it Daily Prompts, or other stuffs. It is amazing to share things in my perspective.

Self Introduction

Hello there, I am the only author of summereminisce and I reside in Singapore. I love to shop online despite the inability to feel the actual product. I simply do not adore crowded malls and squeezzzy trains to get home from town. But sometimes I do still shop physically! I do not adore, but I do not abhor! 🙂 Apart from online shopping, I love taking photographs! Sunsets/sunrise is my favorite time of the day because the sky will be magnificent at this time and I will be able to take great pictures. Not only that, I also love taking photos of other things as well. I hope to share more of my works in time to come.

Let me declare

Reviews are basically personal opinions and reflections of the product with regards to my personal preference and its suitability or compatibility with my skin type/skin tone. The fact is, everyone is born differently and our needs and preferences do differ. Writings on this blog is merely for reference and not a conclusive statement of any product mentioned.

Photographs and information sourced from other websites will be credited in every post. Whereas for the photographs taken and provided by myself, will be tagged with summereminisce.wordpress.com/© SUMMER REMINISCE on the photo. It is only courteous to use my photographs by crediting summereminisce.wordpress.com/SUMMER REMINISCE, or drop an email to summereminisce@gmail.com to ask for permissions. 🙂


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