As defined, Infatuation is being carried away by an unreasoned love or passion; usually admiration for someone. (Wikipedia says)

Do you still remember the person that you were secretly in love with, but never got the courage to show how much you like him/her? But look here, your mind has just been overwhelmed with images of this new person. Someone whom you don’t really know, but those eyes just manage to cross all the hurdles and caught your attention. Just so quickly, so silently, and each time you look into those eyes with a tinge of electric shock? Okay exaggerated, but honestly, this new person seemed to grab hold of your mind.

Thinking back, weren’t you so deeply in love with the previous? Going deeper, are you simply letting your mind let loose?! Wondering if there’s such thing called love at first sight. Isn’t that all about the looks? I’ve always thought that way and I’m still bearing the same thoughts right now. Time will find you someone real. Time will show whether you let your mind loose or does that person feel the same for you as well.

Mr. Nice, Mr. Smart, Mr. Know It All,

Mr. Right/Wrong.

Time, please prove it.


Have you ever felt this way

I shall keep this short but not sweet.

Have you ever been questioned by someone you don’t really know very well? Have you ever been asked “is it true that you…?” Have you ever felt so wronged that you don’t feel like explaining? Have you ever felt like you wanna talk to someone about the whole incident, about how angry you were?

But, you dont know how to go about saying the whole story. You wanted so much to say.. hey, I felt better for walking away from you guys actually. I felt like my life has changed. I am more positive now. I feel more confident of myself right now. What should I say. It feels like me again! We may be fated to meet in this life but we were never meant to last for a long time.

Sometimes, when you felt like you don’t belong, you probably have to take a step back. And you might realise who are the ones blocking the rays of the sun from reaching you, who are the ones giving you darkness. You need to move away, find some others, who will stand in line with you, grab your hands and walk together through the worst times.

I wish I never have to feel this way again.


It’s a no school Friday! I’m feeling exhausted from all the assignment schedule that’s gonna worth devoting some time to finish. I haven’t started doing, and yet I’m mentally exhausted. How can this happen to me? Where’s all that studying motivation gone to? This feeling always comes back haunting when a long vacation ends. You can’t really get your mind back to the studying mode. But when you look around you, everyone else looks like they’re all prepared to ace the exams. I fear for the lack of catching up on news, I fear for my language, I fear for my own ability to stand on the same path with them. I’ve never felt so many types of fear before. It’s the first time this stress becomes so powerful that I have to vent out my frustrations and fear right here.

I need to pick myself up. Gear up. Walk ahead of the rest. Get ready to ace it all!

Gather up my courage, my motivation to walk through this journey, to find a better place.


Starters: Decisiveness

Before I start to tell you about the products that I got my hands on, here’s gonna be a short start-up post!

Having made so many decisions in life, you’re still expected to make decisions while shopping online. Deciding on which shop has a better offer, deciding on which shirt has a better design or nicer color, deciding whether to buy a few items together to earn that free shipping or just one item will do. Decisions, decisions. You may regret or you may be glad. It all depends on the outcome of your buy, satisfactory or disappointment.

I have always been the kind that would think twice before buying. Always found adding tonnes of items into the cart, and later on eliminating one by one. The same old story goes when I was placing an order on BeautyEncounter. Initially, I chanced upon two websites, both selling things that I wanted. While Beauty Encounter offered free gifts and samples, the other had a dollar off each product. Caught in a bit of struggle to make a choice between “a dollar off” or “free gifts”! As for me, “free gifts” happened to seem more alluring than a dollar off! Actually, no. I was just particularly interested in the free gifts and samples that the shop was giving. After adding tonnes of items in the cart, I had to eliminate the products that I don’t really want *at the moment*, especially so since I’ve added way too many lipsticks in the cart. I capped my orders at USD25, a minimum requirement to get the freebies! I’m so excited about getting my package! It’s gonna take some time before my orders actually reach me. The start of yet another week of waiting…

Well, other than anticipating my parcel from Beauty Encounter, I’m all-so-very-eager about my Forever21 package! I’m still refreshing vPOST website in hope of shipping my package as soon as possible!

On the other hand, the after-shopping dilemma kicks in. After shopping for so much goodies, you just noticed the “NEW ARRIVALS” are fabulously attractive. Oh man, you just wish you can buy them all! Then again, reality says you can’t! And wise angel in you says you should stop here. Well well well, the wiser thing to do: Never check back on the site till your parcel has reached! Maybe you’ll be satisfied with your buys :> I’m practically convincing/persuading myself, no, No, NO!