Jealousy Monster

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I wouldn’t say I’m jealous of a particular someone in my life. I would say deep down in my heart, secretly, I’m jealous of groups of people.

The Devil in Me says:

Firstly, those who are smarty pants. There’s always times when people look up to you and say “Hey, you are so smart!”. But there’s also times when you feel that you have nothing but that pea-sized brain, just cause of that smarter person in class or at work. There’s always someone above you, making you feel demoralized, and causing you to ask yourself “Why am I not as smart as him/her?”, “Why am I born like this?”.

Secondly, those who are prettier and slimmer! I share the same sentiments as girls out there feeling plump. It’s hard to not feel sad, and outcast due to the size. When you walk out of the door, stroll down the streets, you see petite, petite, petite, and PETITE girls. Imagine you were stuffing cheese balls in your mouth as you see them walk by your side. Wow, being slightly fatter in every way,  you will definitely put down those cheese balls and feel guilty for still eating like nobody’s business despite the size.

Lastly, the sociable people. It’s not like I’m anti-social or whatsoever. It’s just that I’m less sociable compared to others. I’m not good at words, I’m not good at making new friends, and getting to know people. I feel that sincerity is getting lower as we grow older. We socialize just cause we need to get benefits out of people. That’s often the initial intention.

The Angel in Me says:

Firstly, everyone is born unique in their own ways, as far as I choose to believe. Hence, we shouldn’t question ourselves on why we are born so unequally from the others. We probably have things or qualities which they don’t have, but we don’t see it. Being smart could be in the genes, but it could also be built upon hard work. As long as there’s a will, there’s a way. Let them be the one to ask the question next time round “Why am I not as smart as him/her?” and not you.

Secondly, there’s two ways to see this matter. Being plump is a sign of happiness, you’re happy with your life and you’re living it fine. So just live with it if it doesn’t affect you at all. But if being plump poses as a health hazard, then you should be going for a regular exercise and keeping fit and watch what you eat. Pure admiration and jealousy would not bring you anywhere, action does.

Lastly, just bear in mind, try harder and you will find sincerity in the human kind. It’s not completely lost in everyone, you can definitely find someone who’s sincere in finding a friend not for a benefit. Do it not for the sake of gaining benefit out of new friends, but for the sake of a merrier life. The more we get together, the merrier it will be.

I guess I’m a complicated person deep within, but I’m not yet to the extreme of having a split personality here. Just trying to portray my thoughts in a neater way. Despite being a jealousy monster in every way, I tend to strike a balance between admiration and jealousy, and keeping myself on a safe track of thoughts.

P.S I put my F21-haul post on hold again. :/


My First Splurge | Beauty Encounter


I chanced upon vPOST quite some time ago, but I was not ready to ship anything via vPOST then. Mainly because of the complication, doubt and fear that the shipping costs might turn out to be expensive. However, having taken on a part time job recently, I have thus decided to give it a try since I’ve earn some bucks! Maybe if it’s too expensive, it would just be this time round and no more second chance, or maybe not. :>

The total shipping cost was SGD34.36 for two packages (with promo code of 30% off shipment fees),

  • Forever21 – actual weight 1.2kg | chargeable weight 3kg
  • Beauty Encounter – actual weight 0.2kg | chargeable weight 0.6kg

Shipping Fee Calculation:

  • Base Charge SGD13.40 – this is a one-time charge. Which means you can buy as many packages from as many merchants at once, and ship them together, this base charge would only be SGD13.40, no more no less.
  • Weight Charge SGD7.20 per kg, minimum chargeable weight is 0.5kg and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter. This means, for a package that ranges from 0 – 500g, the charge would be cap at a minimum of SGD3.60. For example, my Beauty Encounter package, with a chargeable weight of 0.6kg, the first 0.5kg is charged for SGD3.60, an additional 0.1kg is charged at SGD0.72, which totals up to SGD4.32.
  • Fuel Charge SGD1.90 per kg, similarly minimum chargeable weight is 0.5kg and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter. The same calculation method applies here. For Beauty Encounter package, the first 0.5kg is charged for SGD0.95, an additional 0.1kg is charged at SGD0.19.

Shipping Cost

There’s also a shipping calculator available on vPOST website which gives a rough estimate of the shipping cost. But I guess the challenge would be estimating the chargeable weight of the parcel. I suggest ordering in large quantities by collating orders from friends to save on the shipping cost!


(A snapshot of vPOST website.)

P.S: I’ve gonna try another shipping service soon! Probably the next batch of F21.

Beauty Encounter

Since cosmetics are applied on our faces, it is important for us to ensure that these products are authentic. Unauthentic products may cause unnecessary conditions on our skin. This shop has been trusted since 1999, providing consumers with 100% authentic product guarantee. It offers competitive prices, huge varieties for selection and free samples with every order! Free domestic shipping on orders USD60 and above, below USD60, standard ground shipping costs USD5.95. Furthermore, you can earn BE points with every order! Upon creating a BE account, you will receive 250points, and for the amount spent, it will add on as BE points. Every review on products will also earn you 15 points! With 1000 points earned, you will get to redeem $10.00 that is usable when you checkout for your goodies!

Let’s start with my bundle of goodies! Basically, I bought a parcel of NYX cosmetics. Which consists of three lipsticks, one eyeliner, and one eye pencil. And for spending $10 at the Beauty Encounter, I’ve got myself a free gift : Neutrogena Instant Lip Remedy!

FREE Neutrogena Instant Lip Remedy with any $10 Purchase



And thank myself so much for being a GIFT-SET-MAGNET, I was attracted by the caption that says “Free NYX Cosmetics 2 Piece Gift Set with any $25 NYX purchase”, and there I was, bought over by the caption, and I bought exactly $25 worth of NYX Cosmetics. Partly because I am so spoiled for choice! There’s simply too many lipsticks and too many colors that I wanted! It was hard for me to even capped at $25, I was going way over this amount. At least I held back in the end!

NYX Cosmetics 2 Piece Gift Set | Value: USD12.00

  • NYX Cosmetics Black Label Lipstick Frosted Pink
  • NYX Cosmetics Single Eye Shadow Golden Sky

FREE NYX Cosmetics 2 Piece Gift Set with any $25 NYX purchase




DSC_6625 DSC_6627 DSC_6628 DSC_6616 DSC_6617

Below are the items that I’ve purchased from Beauty Encounter:

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick – Angel | USD6

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick - Angel


DSC_6609 DSC_6610 DSC_6615

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick – Tea Rose | USD6

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick - Tea Rose


DSC_6605 DSC_6606 DSC_6607

NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick – Paris | USD4

NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick - Paris


DSC_6631 DSC_6633 DSC_6635

NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner – Bronze | USD4.50

NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner - BronzeDSC_6641 DSC_6642

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil – Cottage Cheese | USD4.50

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil - Cottage CheeseDSC_6637 DSC_6639


I shall try them out, maybe tomorrow! 🙂

Overall, a wonderful shopping experience at Beauty Encounter, except that my NYX Matte Lipsticks were not twisted to a lock-position, so the Angel one’s tip was smeared. But it’s okay! I still like the products’ condition. It’s a pity that the samples ran out of stock, so I didn’t receive any samples. As for vPOST, I feel that the shipping fees are slightly overcost. If not for the promotion, it would be way over my personal expectation. vPOST took 6-7 days to ship my things from US to SG, which was within the expected time frame. In general the shipping procedure was smooth. But considering the costs, I might choose an alternative!

Credits to: Beauty Encounter & vPOST.

Stay tune for reviews on the following products:

  • Neutrogena Instant Lip Remedy
  • NYX Cosmetics Black Label Lipstick – Frosted Pink
  • NYX Matte Lipsticks – Tea Rose X Angel
  • NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick – Paris
  • NYX Cosmetics Retractable Eye Liner – Bronze
  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil – Cottage Cheese

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