My First Fashion Haul | Forever21


I had a hard time figuring out what size do I get for my jeans from Forever21 (F21) since sizes vary among different designs, and materials. One could be a size M for many bottoms bought, but a size M at F21 could just be too big for her. Yes, I’m talking about my very own experience here. Some time ago, or rather one or two years back, I bought a jeans skirt from F21 online, through a spree. I have always been a size M for most of my bottom wear, so the first instinct of mine was to get a size M jeans skirt as well. However, to my amazement, or maybe horror, the skirt was much bigger in size than what I had expected. I couldn’t carry the size at all. It was a relatively affordable piece, going at really low prices below USD 6 I guess. But ordering it at a wrong size makes me pay for an altering fee, which was nearly equivalent to the price of the skirt. What I thought was a great deal and big saving, turns out to be expensive in the end. So I figured that this time, I have got to be careful with sizes! I do understand that difference in clothing material and designs etc, could actually caused the variation in sizes. Being extra careful in the study of measurements put up on F21 website, I’m all hopeful that things turn out great for me.

Double Piercing Mustache Studs

I loved double piercing earrings! Ever since I lost my double piercing earring, I didn’t buy another one again. When I saw this on F21, I was so eager to get one! But after wearing it, I realized it’s better for piercings that are further apart, and not like mine, side by side. It’s too cramped for the two mustaches.

Double Piercing Mustache Studs

DSC_6572 DSC_6577 DSC_6580

Floral Embroidered Chiffon Dress

This dress has a fabulous pink. I love the pink. However, I’ve tried, and it looks just O-K-A-Y on me. I can’t tell what’s wrong, but it definitely doesn’t look as good as it seems when it’s fitted on. I would probably need a proper belt for this dress.

Floral Embroidered Chiffon Dress

DSC_6515-1 DSC_6518 DSC_6517-1

Run Free Braided Denim Shorts

The braided design has made this pair of shorts looks great! And I bought a size 28, which fits me perfectly! I’m so happy about this buy that I’m back at F21 grabbing apparels again! Oh dear, I’m just so delighted right. It’s a really nice dark denim.

Run Free Braided Denim Shorts DSC_6534 DSC_6538 DSC_6541 DSC_6543

Destroyed Frayed Denim Shorts

Same for this piece, I got myself a size 28 and it fits well too. So I guess I’m a Forever21 size 28! It feels awesome to try on your online shopped apparels and it fits nicely in place. ๐Ÿ˜€

Destroyed Frayed Denim Shorts

DSC_6544 DSC_6547 DSC_6549 DSC_6551 DSC_6555 DSC_6556

Frayed Denim Cut Offs

I guess from this third piece of shorts, anyone can tell, I’m more of a dark-denim, navy blue, person. I don’t usually prefer a light denim as they don’t normally complement with my skin tone and size. Anyway, for this piece, I got a size 27, and I must be dreaming. It’s so tight that I gave it to my very trendy mum. ๐Ÿ˜› It looks great on her when she tried it on.

Frayed Denim Cut Offs DSC_6566 DSC_6565 DSC_6563 DSC_6560 DSC_6558


Overall, I would say online shopping at Forever21 was great. I’ve found nice and perfectly fitting jeans shorts. It also has a great collection of accessories and other apparels. Anyway, the jeans shorts feel so wonderful that I have returned to buy another pair of shorts! Partly because it was having a sale, so it was a great bargain!

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Credits: Forever21