As defined, Infatuation is being carried away by an unreasoned love or passion; usually admiration for someone. (Wikipedia says)

Do you still remember the person that you were secretly in love with, but never got the courage to show how much you like him/her? But look here, your mind has just been overwhelmed with images of this new person. Someone whom you don’t really know, but those eyes just manage to cross all the hurdles and caught your attention. Just so quickly, so silently, and each time you look into those eyes with a tinge of electric shock? Okay exaggerated, but honestly, this new person seemed to grab hold of your mind.

Thinking back, weren’t you so deeply in love with the previous? Going deeper, are you simply letting your mind let loose?! Wondering if there’s such thing called love at first sight. Isn’t that all about the looks? I’ve always thought that way and I’m still bearing the same thoughts right now. Time will find you someone real. Time will show whether you let your mind loose or does that person feel the same for you as well.

Mr. Nice, Mr. Smart, Mr. Know It All,

Mr. Right/Wrong.

Time, please prove it.


A Quarter of Life, Studying

Daily Prompt: Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

Already into the second week of school, and I’ve seen myself putting surfing and blogging aside. I see how my daily schedule unfold in a busy and messy way. It’s all about reading the textbook, jotting the notes, doing the homework, keeping up with the progress, participating in class, smiling to familiar but not as familiar faces in school and waving a hand. It’s probably the long vacation, I’ve not caught the mood of studying, I’ve not grasp the momentum. Yes, momentum of studying.

Recall the days I was out of school, I had to work. I miss school so much. I miss those friends, I miss lunches together. I miss those moments so much despite the fact that we were only having simple meals, and rushing project deadlines. I wasn’t so glad that the time spent in my previous school was so short. I wished it was longer. I wished to have the same people around me to feel the comfort.

Now that I’m in a whole new environment, it’s about random groupings, say hi to everyone, mixing with different people everyday. I’m not used to a bigger environment with more students. I’m not used to the kind of tasks assigned. I’m not used to everything. But I’ll adjust, soon, I hope. I wish to find some friends whom I can talk endlessly with, just like the ones I’ve already found. But wishing doesn’t get you anywhere, action does. But who to mix with? Life’s going through the “question marks” phase. I need to see the rainbow at the end of this tunnel.

We’ll always miss the past times that we had, and think that living in the current is a torture. We need to move on to look back and realize.


It’s a no school Friday! I’m feeling exhausted from all the assignment schedule that’s gonna worth devoting some time to finish. I haven’t started doing, and yet I’m mentally exhausted. How can this happen to me? Where’s all that studying motivation gone to? This feeling always comes back haunting when a long vacation ends. You can’t really get your mind back to the studying mode. But when you look around you, everyone else looks like they’re all prepared to ace the exams. I fear for the lack of catching up on news, I fear for my language, I fear for my own ability to stand on the same path with them. I’ve never felt so many types of fear before. It’s the first time this stress becomes so powerful that I have to vent out my frustrations and fear right here.

I need to pick myself up. Gear up. Walk ahead of the rest. Get ready to ace it all!

Gather up my courage, my motivation to walk through this journey, to find a better place.


Turn Back in Time

Daily Prompt: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

Seems like I’ve become so regular on the daily prompt these days. The prompts recently could relate to me and my thoughts about many things. So here’s another one.

I have a strong scent memory. Most of the times I could only remember coming across a certain scent before, but couldn’t retrieve the part about where the scent was from. Memory only tells me, it’s something from the past. However, there’s this scent that I will always remember so vividly.

The Smell of Fried Curry Cockles

It’s not a dish that everyone likes, but for me, I loved it. If anyone were to put a plate of fried curry cockles in front of me, I will be reminded of the past. It sort of transports me back to the days when we were young (cousin and I). Grandpa would walk into the kitchen (the rare times when you see grandpa in the kitchen), cook us a dish of Fried Curry Cockles. Cousin and I were very happy to smell the scent of fried curry cockles coming right from the kitchen! We always had this big plate of curry cockles to share. It was so nice that both of us finished a big plate of it. Those days were fun. There’s no troubles, no worries, it’s just childhood, food and happiness.

Now that Grandpa had moved on to the heaven, the smell of Fried Curry Cockles makes me miss him so dearly. We should all treasure the people around us before it’s too late for regrets.

You and I

Daily Prompt: Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

This question has activated my imaginative cells, I’m going to write you guys a story today.

The story speaks of an ordinary girl, who is quiet and more of an introvert than an extrovert. She would talk a lot to friends she knows very well, but she wouldn’t open her heart to speak to others whom she doesn’t know about. In the eyes of the teacher, she’s a hardworking girl, who never fails to complete tasks assigned but she was.. way too quiet. She was paired to sit with this particular guy, handsome, active, and sporty. He pranks on others, but never once did he play a prank on her.

One fine day, the girl was absent for class. She was down with a high fever, it continued for days, so she didn’t turn up for classes for 3 days consecutively. When she finally went to class after recovering from the fever, the guy asked her whether she’s feeling alright after not seeing her for 3 days. Deep down in the girl’s heart, she has never expected this guy to even care for her. When she heard his words of concern, she was touched by his words and secretly, she started to like him more and more each day.

However, time flies. It had came to the last day of school, the separation. The girl couldn’t help but did nothing during this last day. She couldn’t bear to leave, to leave someone she likes so much. She was upset. Walking down the street outside the school, the girl had her eyes fixed on the ground, brushing her feet on the ground full of fallen leaves. As she continued on her path, she saw a folded piece of colored paper on the floor. She picked it up, slowly unfold the paper. Written in unkempt handwriting,

To the girl I’ve always liked, today’s the day of separation, and I’ll be missing you in my life. We didn’t have much conversations, so I couldn’t really guess what’s on your mind all these while. I’ve never got the courage to tell you how much I liked you. I didn’t want to scare you, I wouldn’t want to risk any chance that might cause you to stay far away from me. Thanks for tolerating all my nonsense all these while, I really hope I could tell you all these, but I couldn’t. I wished that I will see you again one day and that, we’ll meet again.

As she recalled the unkempt handwriting belonged to the guy, she saw a pair of sneakers stopped in front of her. Looking up, it was him right in front of her. Tears whelmed up in her eyes. The guy too, had tears in his eyes. And he said to her, “I really like you.”. Without thinking, the girl hugged the guy and buried her face in his chest. The guy wrapped his arms around her and stroke her silky long hair as he tried to calm her down.

They love each other, and because of a simple note, they are together. If it hadn’t for that note, they would have gone on separate paths in life. And how big is this world, we never know. A chance to meet again? Maybe or maybe not. Never let love slip away from you.

I’ve never picked up any paper, and never had such sweet occurrences. This story is pretty much based on my imagination. It is simple, but it is a love that is attractive in its own way.