Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus



Here’s my recent favorite shot and it somehow fits the theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus!


A Quarter of Life, Studying

Daily Prompt: Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

Already into the second week of school, and I’ve seen myself putting surfing and blogging aside. I see how my daily schedule unfold in a busy and messy way. It’s all about reading the textbook, jotting the notes, doing the homework, keeping up with the progress, participating in class, smiling to familiar but not as familiar faces in school and waving a hand. It’s probably the long vacation, I’ve not caught the mood of studying, I’ve not grasp the momentum. Yes, momentum of studying.

Recall the days I was out of school, I had to work. I miss school so much. I miss those friends, I miss lunches together. I miss those moments so much despite the fact that we were only having simple meals, and rushing project deadlines. I wasn’t so glad that the time spent in my previous school was so short. I wished it was longer. I wished to have the same people around me to feel the comfort.

Now that I’m in a whole new environment, it’s about random groupings, say hi to everyone, mixing with different people everyday. I’m not used to a bigger environment with more students. I’m not used to the kind of tasks assigned. I’m not used to everything. But I’ll adjust, soon, I hope. I wish to find some friends whom I can talk endlessly with, just like the ones I’ve already found. But wishing doesn’t get you anywhere, action does. But who to mix with? Life’s going through the “question marks” phase. I need to see the rainbow at the end of this tunnel.

We’ll always miss the past times that we had, and think that living in the current is a torture. We need to move on to look back and realize.

Who am I

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who am I.

Firstly my Blog Name: I previously had the idea of naming it something related to winter solstice, because I’m born in that season. Later I thought again, I wanted something else. Since I am from a sunny country, where there’s no four season, mainly sun and rain, I incorporated the word Summer in the name. Then I matched it with Reminisce, which means to recollect on past events. Pairing the two words up, I get something like recollecting the past events of Summer. I would say the Blog Name tells that I am a person who can’t make up my mind sometimes. But when I really have the will to make up my mind, I will definitely have a reason for the decision I make.

Second on the list, my Theme Choice: I chose the The Adelle Theme. Looking pleasant in white, and mix of pink and grey. This part is obvious. I like things to appear simple and clear-cut. Using too many colors would make anything look complicated. I don’t like complicated things, though my mind is a complication of its own. (Oops!)

Thirdly, the About me section: I’ve read lots of advice on blogs that says the About tab is important. It tells your visitors who you are, what do you write about and some other details about you. When your visitors know more about you, then they are likely to visit your blog again. I wanted more people to want to read my blog, I wanted to share my perspectives to more people, and see what they think about mine. Furthermore, I wanted a place to blog about all my shopping experiences! I need a place to tell different tales from that of personal tales. My About me page shows how sincere I am in writing this blog and keeping it alive. Thus I am sincere and serious about things that I am keen on doing. (Reading a textbook is probably a thing that I will always kick off with a serious attitude but slowly, eventually, the seriousness dies off… )

Lastly, my Posts : It’s mainly Daily Prompts as of now and some posts on shopping experiences. Daily Prompts triggered my imagination, opinions and the past. Probably my posts showed how much I like sharing my perception of things. I guess I have this noisy self inbuilt in me.

Summary/Conclusion, actually, I am who I am. Share/Simple/Serious/Strong-minded. Aha!

Ms Optimistic

Daily Prompt: You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

It has been a long weekend, I had 6 days of holidays, and now my school has started! I’m so tired on the first day. It’s like you haven’t been studying for months, and you got mind blown by all the information drilling into your brain. Oh gosh, how can the after effect of not using your brain turns out to be so hard to cope with. But well, however tired I am, I’m gonna finish this post and head for the bed. 😉

If I’m on a long flight, I must be going to… France! Well this palm reader was sitting beside me, and insisted on reading my palm, and I eventually agreed. She says…

Girl, you may be feeling tired right now because you are entering a new phase in life. You may encounter more activities, more socializing, more events going on, greater circle of friends to cope, and academic stress has gone up to a whole new level. You might be feeling tired from doing these, but you will see a better future from now on. Moving on in life, you will find a great partner. He will be your guidance, and lead you to a brighter path. You don’t have to search for him as he will come searching for you. Your career path will be awesome and leading you to become a successful person in life. Well, what can I say? Your life is wonderful! You have the family love, the life-long partner, found a career that suits you, and you have nice friends. All is good for you, blissful girl you are.

It’s pretty obvious I’m pretty optimistic right here despite being tired and all. I guess my optimism will always encourage me to carry on, cross the hurdles in life. Stay Optimistic, cause life’s gonna turn for the better right next moment! 😉

Turn Back in Time

Daily Prompt: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

Seems like I’ve become so regular on the daily prompt these days. The prompts recently could relate to me and my thoughts about many things. So here’s another one.

I have a strong scent memory. Most of the times I could only remember coming across a certain scent before, but couldn’t retrieve the part about where the scent was from. Memory only tells me, it’s something from the past. However, there’s this scent that I will always remember so vividly.

The Smell of Fried Curry Cockles

It’s not a dish that everyone likes, but for me, I loved it. If anyone were to put a plate of fried curry cockles in front of me, I will be reminded of the past. It sort of transports me back to the days when we were young (cousin and I). Grandpa would walk into the kitchen (the rare times when you see grandpa in the kitchen), cook us a dish of Fried Curry Cockles. Cousin and I were very happy to smell the scent of fried curry cockles coming right from the kitchen! We always had this big plate of curry cockles to share. It was so nice that both of us finished a big plate of it. Those days were fun. There’s no troubles, no worries, it’s just childhood, food and happiness.

Now that Grandpa had moved on to the heaven, the smell of Fried Curry Cockles makes me miss him so dearly. We should all treasure the people around us before it’s too late for regrets.

My Brain Says

Daily Prompt: What bores you?

Whatever bores me depends on my mood. If the mood for the day is good, everything would appear interesting to me. I would want to know how’s your day, what’s on the news, or even picking up a random book and start reading it away. But if the mood isn’t right, then nothing is interesting. 

An example of a moody day: 

It bores me,

As a blogger, to see there’s little or no page views or no comments.

As a reader, to read any lengthy posts or posts without pictures/videos. 

As a student, to listen to long and informative lectures. 

As a friend, to lend a listening ear. 

I might not feel boring about the listed activities when i’m in a good mood, but when I wake up one morning and the mood is so spoiled, I wish the above activities don’t happen. 

As of normal circumstances, with a general mood, I’m someone who’s constantly finding something to do. So I would say, “Nothing to do” bores me! I need to keep myself busy. I could recall a time when I wasn’t working nor studying, I was completely at a lost. I couldn’t find things to do, I don’t know what to do. But when I’m out, my brain would keep telling myself, “I have nothing to do, I have nothing to do, How.. HOW… HOW!!!” This is the kind of message my brain gives me and it was so torturing. It’s as if your mind don’t have a sense of belonging at the moment and it’s at a lost of what to do and what to think of. I am someone who’s in need of always being occupied by tasks. 

Honestly, this blog was also started during the time when I was not working and not studying. I guessed this is some platform for me to spend my time on, so as to keep my brain from telling me “You have nothing to do…”. Now that I have this blog with me, not only I have something to do (blogging), I have something to read about and lastly, something for me to be glad about, and that is to know that there are people who appreciate what I have written. 

I Will Never

Daily Prompt: Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.



I had this ride at Hong Kong Disneyland. This picture showed only half a U shape. This particular ride is a complete U shape. And guessed what? I didn’t really scream. The thing I hate about these “exciting” and “dangerous” rides, I do not scream. I tend to keep my fears in my heart, that sometimes it gets really too much for me to bear. I felt like my heart was thumping out of my body. And I will never give it another ride again!