Turn Back in Time

Daily Prompt: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

Seems like I’ve become so regular on the daily prompt these days. The prompts recently could relate to me and my thoughts about many things. So here’s another one.

I have a strong scent memory. Most of the times I could only remember coming across a certain scent before, but couldn’t retrieve the part about where the scent was from. Memory only tells me, it’s something from the past. However, there’s this scent that I will always remember so vividly.

The Smell of Fried Curry Cockles

It’s not a dish that everyone likes, but for me, I loved it. If anyone were to put a plate of fried curry cockles in front of me, I will be reminded of the past. It sort of transports me back to the days when we were young (cousin and I). Grandpa would walk into the kitchen (the rare times when you see grandpa in the kitchen), cook us a dish of Fried Curry Cockles. Cousin and I were very happy to smell the scent of fried curry cockles coming right from the kitchen! We always had this big plate of curry cockles to share. It was so nice that both of us finished a big plate of it. Those days were fun. There’s no troubles, no worries, it’s just childhood, food and happiness.

Now that Grandpa had moved on to the heaven, the smell of Fried Curry Cockles makes me miss him so dearly. We should all treasure the people around us before it’s too late for regrets.