Have you ever felt this way

I shall keep this short but not sweet.

Have you ever been questioned by someone you don’t really know very well? Have you ever been asked “is it true that you…?” Have you ever felt so wronged that you don’t feel like explaining? Have you ever felt like you wanna talk to someone about the whole incident, about how angry you were?

But, you dont know how to go about saying the whole story. You wanted so much to say.. hey, I felt better for walking away from you guys actually. I felt like my life has changed. I am more positive now. I feel more confident of myself right now. What should I say. It feels like me again! We may be fated to meet in this life but we were never meant to last for a long time.

Sometimes, when you felt like you don’t belong, you probably have to take a step back. And you might realise who are the ones blocking the rays of the sun from reaching you, who are the ones giving you darkness. You need to move away, find some others, who will stand in line with you, grab your hands and walk together through the worst times.

I wish I never have to feel this way again.