You and I

Daily Prompt: Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

This question has activated my imaginative cells, I’m going to write you guys a story today.

The story speaks of an ordinary girl, who is quiet and more of an introvert than an extrovert. She would talk a lot to friends she knows very well, but she wouldn’t open her heart to speak to others whom she doesn’t know about. In the eyes of the teacher, she’s a hardworking girl, who never fails to complete tasks assigned but she was.. way too quiet. She was paired to sit with this particular guy, handsome, active, and sporty. He pranks on others, but never once did he play a prank on her.

One fine day, the girl was absent for class. She was down with a high fever, it continued for days, so she didn’t turn up for classes for 3 days consecutively. When she finally went to class after recovering from the fever, the guy asked her whether she’s feeling alright after not seeing her for 3 days. Deep down in the girl’s heart, she has never expected this guy to even care for her. When she heard his words of concern, she was touched by his words and secretly, she started to like him more and more each day.

However, time flies. It had came to the last day of school, the separation. The girl couldn’t help but did nothing during this last day. She couldn’t bear to leave, to leave someone she likes so much. She was upset. Walking down the street outside the school, the girl had her eyes fixed on the ground, brushing her feet on the ground full of fallen leaves. As she continued on her path, she saw a folded piece of colored paper on the floor. She picked it up, slowly unfold the paper. Written in unkempt handwriting,

To the girl I’ve always liked, today’s the day of separation, and I’ll be missing you in my life. We didn’t have much conversations, so I couldn’t really guess what’s on your mind all these while. I’ve never got the courage to tell you how much I liked you. I didn’t want to scare you, I wouldn’t want to risk any chance that might cause you to stay far away from me. Thanks for tolerating all my nonsense all these while, I really hope I could tell you all these, but I couldn’t. I wished that I will see you again one day and that, we’ll meet again.

As she recalled the unkempt handwriting belonged to the guy, she saw a pair of sneakers stopped in front of her. Looking up, it was him right in front of her. Tears whelmed up in her eyes. The guy too, had tears in his eyes. And he said to her, “I really like you.”. Without thinking, the girl hugged the guy and buried her face in his chest. The guy wrapped his arms around her and stroke her silky long hair as he tried to calm her down.

They love each other, and because of a simple note, they are together. If it hadn’t for that note, they would have gone on separate paths in life. And how big is this world, we never know. A chance to meet again? Maybe or maybe not. Never let love slip away from you.

I’ve never picked up any paper, and never had such sweet occurrences. This story is pretty much based on my imagination. It is simple, but it is a love that is attractive in its own way.