It’s a no school Friday! I’m feeling exhausted from all the assignment schedule that’s gonna worth devoting some time to finish. I haven’t started doing, and yet I’m mentally exhausted. How can this happen to me? Where’s all that studying motivation gone to? This feeling always comes back haunting when a long vacation ends. You can’t really get your mind back to the studying mode. But when you look around you, everyone else looks like they’re all prepared to ace the exams. I fear for the lack of catching up on news, I fear for my language, I fear for my own ability to stand on the same path with them. I’ve never felt so many types of fear before. It’s the first time this stress becomes so powerful that I have to vent out my frustrations and fear right here.

I need to pick myself up. Gear up. Walk ahead of the rest. Get ready to ace it all!

Gather up my courage, my motivation to walk through this journey, to find a better place.